FIFA 16 – Career Mode Wish List

FIFA 16 – Career Mode Wish List

– Better statistics
– all of your transfer history, goals scored, trophies won by year, or overall etc.
– Better transfer system
– let us add loans of 1, 3, 6 months etc.
– buy-back clauses, release clauses.
– Make it so we can buy recently purchased players
– Make AI make more offers for your players (Ask for loan without putting the player on the loan list, AI offering player+money etc.
– emergency loans during the season
– make it so fucking Mascherano doens’t go to ManU
every. damn. time. Also more realistic transfers..
– Youth Academy & Player Growth revamped
– Make the players actually suit their position, loving having a 50 pace winger with 2* skills and a fullback with shit defensive stats
– Add Youth Teams & Reserve Teams, so they players can grow without them playing in the first team
– Make older players decrease a lot in physical stats, but not too much in skill stats
– Remove the player potential – the way they grow should be dependant on how they play for you. Of course someone like Tielemans should be growing way faster than Gerrard..
– Make it so you can train the players to new positions, and make it so their skill moves & WF can be trained
– Realistic names for the youth players
– Simulation Revamp
– Remove the shit random number generator and make it so that your team matters when you simulate. Only things which seem to affect the result is if you’re at home or away and if your team is noticeably better than the other team right now…
– Let us make subs during the match, change tactics etc.
Also let us change the speed the simulation goes.
– Media & Galas etc.
– Add proper press conferences, not the shit that there is now which doesn’t affect anything.
– Don’t make them too long or repeative, and show the manager in the press room etc.
– Add Ballon D’Or galas and such.
– New Player Presentations, etc.
– Your Own Manager
– More customization options, just like when you create a player.
– Fix the damn bugs, made my managers skin colour Medium, but he’s completely black…
– Misc.
– Add the practise arena so we can play in it with our career mode players
– More injuries when you play, but less when you simulate. I’ve gotten one injury while playing in my Swansea career mode (played 1½ seasons most games), and simulated max 10 and gotten atleast 1 injury in 2 games..
– Let us completely customize the players in your team, shirt name, haircut etc.
– If playing in a unlicenced stadium, let us change it during our career (of course it costing money)
– More leagues and WAY more stadiums
– WAY more generic stadiums with customizable options. Maybe even a stadium creator.
– Let us change the money we get in career… It only affects you, of course we should be able to get more money for QPR.
– Proper. Fucking. News.


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