Effective Path Of Exile Lightning Trap Builds

Effective Path Of Exile Lightning Trap Builds

In Path of Exile, some players think of trying a lightning trap build, but need inspiration. You will pose a tremendous challenge if you are a first time, therefore, it is important for you to read the following article completely. Meanwhile, having more poe orbs, you will become more powerful in game.


1) Sunblast with 2x the reduced duration jewels (always forget jewelnames) are a option. Another one are 2 jewels with trap trigger area. I like those more since it doesn’t require the beltslot and they have decent trapdamage on top. Sunblast is a bit better for bosses with smaller hitboxes, at least for lightning trap.

2) If the trap triggers not off an enemy (duration ran out) the projectile rolls out in a random direction, can hit the boss or not. Lightning trap hits anyway. With a larger trigger area its more likely that the balls hit the boss, but in many cases not all traps trigger if the hitbox is too small.

3) Sunblast has shitty stats + 2 shitty jewels, but guarantees a procc which is good for any aoe/multi projectile trap or stuff like cremation. Any trap that triggers due this way does not generate power/frenzy charges with skilltree nodes or tinkerskin, nor tikerskins life/es gain.

4) Shimmeron wands deal 400 lightning dmg per sec (100 with 75 lightning res) per powercharge if you crit recently. With dual shimmeron, assassin and all charges on the tree thats 1800 lightning dmg after resists per sec without any mapmods that affect dots on you.

5) If you use a lightning warp or flame dash and hit anything you pretty much always crit. Traps (or mines/totems) are used to avoid the downside of shimmeron, but as soon as you use a movementskill, orb of storms or glove enchant proccs for excample it counts as your crit and the dot will wreck you. Only a quick logout saves you then.

6) In some cases using flame dash to bridge a gap is fine if no enemys are around you or the location. Shimmeron is great for dps, but using movementskills is often quicker and safer. For clearing a different weaponset is a good choice if you want, with assassins 100% more critchance against targets on full life you pretty much crit all the time anyway while mapping. For bosses shimmerons are beasts.

There’s a lot more players guide on U4GM, so be sure to check out if you need some guides. Keeping an eye on poe buy chaos, you will get more gains.


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