How Long Does It Take For Path Of Exile Uber Lab Runs?

How Long Does It Take For Path Of Exile Uber Lab Runs?

In Path of Exile, I know that lab runners with a dedicated build are quite fast but What about the average player? In fact, when you keep an eye on poe currency purchase, you will find things will become easier. Next, Let’s take a look at the time spent by different players in uber lab runs:


1. 20-30 minutes. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to squash the habit of killing every monster that crosses my path. Also I am godawful at dodging traps, so trying to speed through them usually just gets me killed. Especially the spikes + Blade Sentries combo. I have to go especially slow for those. Tl:dr speed clears are just not my thing.

2. The 2-3 minute time is my lab racer who insta-gibs izaro with GC mines and has < 2k life. So yeah, he makes 15ex in 3 minutes, so he’s not too concerned about keys.

The 4-5 minute times I’ll grab Dark Shrines, Argus, Puzzles, and Gauntlets that aren’t completely out of the way. Extras aren’t worth it if you could just run lab a second time and get another 3 keys and another enchant. At least to me.

3. 20-30 minutes is really slow if youre farming lab lol. I was able to pull out like 15-18 minute runs on my rf guardian when I wasnt even using brightbeak and had dogshit attack speed.

4. I am now down to 8 to 13 minute lab runs on average. At the start of a league, I am usually pulling 15 to 20 minute lab runs, as I get more HP, more levels, and etc the time comes down. I honestly don’t look at the time on my lab runs, I would rather be safe and take an extra 5-10 minutes, than die half way through and get nothing.

5. Usually like 20~30 minutes for my first 6-key run of a league but more like 8 minutes a week later when I have a character using a brightbeak prismatic eclipse leap slam weapon swap and have real DPS for izaro.

What about you? Any build can weaponswap to brightbeak/prismatic eclipse and leap slam through a reasonable clear grabbing everything on main path in 10 mins or so. Maybe longer if you have low regen and need to wait for that between traps.


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