FIFA 20 Pack Research Making Coins

By March during FIFA 20, U4GM FIFA 20 Coins Team had amassed a huge profit of 9 million + FIFA 20 coins. U4GM FIFA 20 Team decided to open a large number of packs during off-peak hours and during peak hours to prove our point which U4GM Team have been making that buying packs, is a waste of your coins and very much a lottery, a lottery you will unlikely, never win. Yes, it’s amazing when you do pack a player, but you have to remember what you have put into it to get a player. YouTube’s big FIFA names within the community will spend thousands of real money to get players, and when you see them pack players you think, U4GM FIFA 20 Coins Team could get that lucky too. Remember though, and they are putting 500,000 FIFA points into their accounts several times a year!!! To do this once would cost 12,000 FIFA points = £80.
500,000 FIFA points divided by 12,000 means they are buying just over 41 lots of these.
41 x £80 = £3,280.
YES! £3,280 pounds for 500,00 FIFA points and they are doing this several times a year. There is a possibility that EA is giving them some of these points as they promote packs and encourage people to buy FIFA points. Whether this is true or not, U4GM  Team don’t know for sure…
We spent 750k during off-peak hours on Thursday when TOTW were in packs, 100 “premium2 gold packs. As expected; the results were very average, and U4GM Team ended up with hundreds of consumables in our club. U4GM Team still haven’t used all the contracts as U4GM FIFA 20 Coins Team write this in August and U4GM Team have played a lot of games!

So, the best player U4GM FIFA 20 Coins Team got was a regular version of the Tevez card (twice to rub salt into the wounds). He had a retail price of around 20,000 coins at the time. So in 100 packs, the best player U4GM Team got amounted to 40,000 coins.
We then opened a further 100 packs of the same type the following evening (Friday night) and saw SLIGHTly improved results. This time U4GM Team packed a few good players but no IF players. U4GM got Samir Nasri, Petr Cech, Lewandowski and Balotelli and yes, lots of fitness cards, injury healing cards and many, many contract cards. Those players amounted to approximately 125,000 coins — 1/6th of our total investment.

What we’re trying to say is stay away from packs and focus on perfecting your trading methods and stick to that. Opening packs is like playing in a casino/playing the lottery, occasionally you might get lucky, but if you keep playing, in the end, the house (EA) will always win.

If you have 50,000 coins why waste 15,000 on two packs with a minuscule chance of pulling a player of equivalent value, let alone a player worth 100,000’s of coins. The same 50k could be turned into double or treble that amount just 24-48 hours using our various methods and looking further down the line, and you could be looking at a million within a few weeks if you had the patience to trade a few hours a day. EA, on the other hand, want you to buy packs. Why else do they advertise and promote FUT so much? It’s because they make enormous amounts from it. Who can blame them? They used to only receive a return on the actual physical copy of the game. Now, because of Ultimate Team, this has become a constant stream of income for them. EA released full-year earnings ending March 31st, 2012, and it was no surprise that FIFA was at the heart of an incredibly successful set of results with Ultimate Team netting $108 million alone in digital sales. They then announced that even before the final year totals were calculated that for FIFA 17, sales were 90% higher than the digital revenue from an already record-breaking FIFA 16!

We haven’t seen the income of late but U4GM FIFA 20 Coins Team guarantee that they are increasing profits every single year.
This shows how big the game mode has become for them. Packs are big, big business for them and long gone are the days when they only got paid for the actual game release with the games price tag. Now, the ultimate team sees a constant stream of income and for a lot of people will become a recurring payment (like a direct debit) where they are buying FIFA points of packs using their real money. U4GM Team don’t know the exact odds of getting a Ronaldo, or a TOTY card in a box is but U4GM FIF 20 Coins Team can guarantee that the odds are heavily stacked in EA’s favor. People will still keep believing they will be one of the lucky ones though, and therefore EA will continue to keep bring in absurd amounts of money. Why do you think EA always retweets tweets that they get saying ‘Thanks EA’ with a picture of Ronaldo or a Messi or a pack where they received a Ribery AND a Robben? It’s to entice people into buying bags because they think they have a chance of getting the same luck. Someone will get one, but it will be one person in every 10.000 that buys a pack, possibly more.

Looking at the flip side of this; if the thousands of people every day don’t keep opening packs, U4GM Team will not be able to use all of our trading methods to make a considerable amount of coins so let them keep buying them. If you are one of these people that love to open packs (we can see the appeal) then you can use these trading methods in this guide to funding the boxes, why waste your own real money when the game costs more than £40 as it is?

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