How to search for the best FIFA 20 players in each position

FUTwz has a great-searching tool, as U4GM FIFA 20 Coins Teams showed you earlier, this year they have expanded the searching capability, which is excellent news as it allows an even more specific search. Use this technique below, and you’ll find the best players for your squads. Because of the need for the AI to control the majority of your players and position them well, you need to consider this when searching for your players. We also recommend setting each parameter to a minimum of 80 to start with. If you’re searching for 80 for say, 8 or more different stats (you can do more this year), this is likely only to show the worlds’ best players, who you might not be able to afford. So, if you want to increase this or decrease it to narrow your search you can either do so one-by-one or change them all to 79, then 78, then 77, etc. etc. It works fine, either way.

Defenders ā€“ Marking, Jumping, Strength, Pace, Sliding Tackle, Standing Tackle, Heading. That’s 8. Add Passing, if you like to have ball-playing defenders, as we do.

Midfielders ā€“ Passing, Ball Control, Vision, Strength, Long Shots, Dribbling, Interceptions, Pace. That’s 8, and you will need to tailor this slightly if you’re wanting a more defensive or attacking minded midfielder.

Attackers ā€“ Pace, Balance, Ball Control, Finishing, Attack Positioning, Strength, Shot Power, Dribbling. That’s 8, if you want an aerial threat as well, add heading or jumping stats to your search. Combine these searches with the style of play, and you’re going to find some real bargains, and, get the players that are going to help you win more games, which is why the vast majority of people play the game!

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