FIFA 16 – Career Mode Preview

Don’t lie to yourself, you would buy it anyways. Simply because it is far superior to PES :D. Don’t get me wrong, I love to hate on EA for shitty iterations, but I have to give credit where credit is due to Fifa coins, and they have always 1up’ed Pro Evolution Soccer in every single regard since FIFA 07 imo.

I reckon PES and FIFA are actually pretty close on a pure gameplay level right now. In fact I’d put PES slightly ahead for my personal preference.
I picked it up on the cheap during a steam sale, and the PES gameplay just feels more like football. Hard to describe, but you actually have to work hard to create opportunities, using proper build up play. Contrast to FIFA, where I can buy a pacey winger with good finishing and basically tear every opposition apart.

That said, PES does lose on almost every other aspect. I’ve always enjoyed FIFA’s Career Mode more than Master League (except for one PES iteration a few years back, can’t remember what one it was now), and these new changes are bloody nice.


I just hope FIFA’s gameplay becomes a little less arcade-y. Would make the game amazing for me.

Same. This sub has opened my eyes to many of the issues in CM, things that have gone unattended to for several editions. But I still love it and play all the damn time.

These additions sound great and really looking forward to it – knowing it won’t be perfect, and every issue we’ve griped about on this sub for nearly a year won’t be addressed. Yet.

If you vary between training endurance(stamina) and pace, problems should be fixed , no ? I have no time getting sick physicals ( agility, balance, reaction and strength, its always the 50acceleration 58sprint speed strikers with 97 balance 89 agility and 94 strength that bother me).

They look like pretty decent changes. One questions I just need to ask, not regarding these changes, is will the stadiums from teams that got relegated still be in the game? Eg. Burnley, Norwich and QPR? Also got some more improvements I’d like but I’ve forgotten them completely.


FIFA 16: New Season Trailer

EA Sports has released a another trailer with the above opening lines for FIFA 16 on PS4, Xbox One, PC consoles. FIFA 16 is going to be launched on September 22. FIFA 16 is has been inculcated with tremendous features along with some new moves which is displayed in this new trailer.

Here in this video EA tries to give the glimpse of the adventure which will be felt by the world wide Fifa coins lovers. Video also displays the various goals with different moves and statics. Here video also showcase the women player hitting some goals.

And finally comes the cover boy Leonel Messi with his most wanted and recently added into the Fifa 16 Demo dribbling tactics which ultimately leads to GOAL. So Enjoy the video and stay connected for more updates.

Fifa 16 Improvements and Innovations

For many players, FIFA 15 was a disappointment. Share your FIFA 16 wishlist with us and check the rumours about improvements and innovations.

This is the time of the year in which everyone has an opinion. Everyone dreams with the perfect FIFA. This year, it is the FIFA community who has the chance to tell us what they want. Share your FIFA 16 wishlist with us in the comments section.

The FIFA gamers have lots of requests. The most popular one is to improve the servers. To make pace abusers life harder is also a very usual request. Many people is keep asking the Web App return and the end of the Price Ranges. They also demand a better AI and the end of many minor bugs that carryover from FIFA to FIFA.

Which chances they have to see their requests in FIFA 16 ? Continue reading to find out…

Here it is a summary of the improvements and innovations that will (not) be added to FIFA 16:

Every year we ask better servers. And every year it is the same thing: EA don’t improve their servers according to the estimated audience growing. This year, it will be the same story. For sure.

In FUT 15, pace abusers were king. EA Sports already recognize it and they promise to fix it for FIFA 16.

Transfer Market
Do you know someone who never got a player stuck into the transfer list ? Or someone who never got without Fifa coins and cards after making a buy ? Probably not. These problems happened in previous years but this year it was too bad to be true. Unfortunately, we don’t believe in good changes for FUT 16. It will be better to get used to it…

Web and Companion App
Web App and Companion App were turned off for more than a half season in FUT 15. It is something unacceptable for those who paid a full game. Maybe EA will bring us something good about it. Or not. Turning off forever is not an option.


Really sick of this, we payed for the game/packs like console customers but cannot even play without using this stupid futscope every fkin game to avoid coin farmers!!

It require 15+ attempts to a minimum to find a frikin legit player on origin, how the hell this isnt fixed still??

I can say from my exp that more than 60% of players are using this stupid trainer to get free wins every game w/out even playing, they farm Fifa coins after coins for what?? you dont even play the fkin game!! Even if u build ur dream team after 1k hours of botting, whats the point?? U can turn on the cheat and get ur useless 99-0 win whenever you want.

Some ppl says the pc market is too small compared to consoles, well i call it bs cuz pc sells for 20% of the fifa market and generate alot of revenue for EA; i just want to make this game playable once again. For sure im not goin to buy more packs nor sequels until they show pc users some respect once again!

FIFA 16 Legends Wishlist – Gianluigi Buffon

FIFA 16 Legends Wishlist – Gianluigi Buffon

So, we made a prediction series; this is first of many posts about potential FIFA 16 Legends. We start with FIFA 16 Legends Goalkeepers. Who better to start than legendary goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon? The Italian goal stopper is one of few most consistent player in last 20 years. Playing for this year’s Champions League finalist Juventus, the 37 year old

He and Pirlo are only two players in Juventus squad who has won trophies for the club in the pre-2000. And, he is Italy’s most capped player till date and he is nowhere near retirement.

Yes, we know he says he is still far away from retirement but we never know about professional footballers and FIFA 16 Legends might have a place for him in the future when he finally retires.

We predict a 93 card will be given for him with 97 on diving and 95 on reflexes. He truly deserves a legend card and we hope he gets one if not now then in upcoming years.

Should Gianluigi Buffon be named as FIFA 16 Legend? Comment Below