Path Of Exile Shaper And Elder Influence

Path Of Exile Shaper And Elder Influence

In PoE patch 3.1, War for the Atlas random maps on your Atlas could gain Shaper Influence (S-I) or Elder Influence (E-I). On the Atlas, maps with star clouds have S-I and maps encompassed by the grey blob have E-I. Elder influence will only start appearing after you have ran your first S-I map that is Tier 6 or higher. Unique maps cannot have S-I/E-I. Note, having enough path of exile orbs in game is not bad for you.

Effects of Shaper Influence – In a S-I map you may encounter extra mobs, have frost balls follow you which form Vortex ground on contact or have the boss enhanced by the Shaper with Cold based abilities. Sometimes Agents of the Void will spawn after killing the map boss. Rare Shaper items also have a chance of dropping.

Path of Exile

Effects of Elder Influence – In an E-I map there are always bonus mobs. These can be several Null Portals which continually spawn mobs until the portal is defeated or tentacle, octopus mobs that fire projectiles. In some maps tentacles may appear from the ground slamming your character. Rare Elder items also have a chance of dropping.

Spreading Elder Influence – Completing a S-I map that is adjacent on the Atlas to an E-I map will change that map to become Elder influenced. Conversely completing an E-I map will remove the E-I and may replace it with either S-I or no influence. When you have approximately 19-20 E-I maps the Elder and his four Guardians will occupy five E-I maps (effectively random which ones are occupied. Note E-I/S-I can change randomly on your Atlas when running maps with no influence.

The Elder and his Guardians – You must defeat the four Guardians before you can face the Elder. A Guardian occupied map replaces the normal boss. Once you defeat the occupying Guardian the E-I will disappear from that map. Once all four Guardians are defeated you can take on the Elder. Once the Elder is defeated all E-I is removed from the Atlas (there should now be much more S-I on the Atlas). Running S-I maps will cause the E-I to eventually return. Note that maps occupied by the Guardians/Elder are permanently influenced until the boss is killed.

How To Progress Through The Atlas In Path Of Exile

How To Progress Through The Atlas In Path Of Exile

In Path of Exile, it is a fact that the Atlas is incredibly complicated for new players. How do players move from tier one to 16? How do they collect maps? The following tips that players need to know.

The monsters players kill on a map can only drop a map connected to the one players are already running.

For example, Graveyard is a tier 1 map that is connected to Marshes, a tier 2 map. In order to find first Marshes (tier 2) map, players have to find it while running Graveyard (tier 1), since the two maps are directly connected. Any mob in a Graveyard map can drop a Marshes map, allowing players to then run Marshes.

Mobs have a chance to drop maps instead of regular loot whenever players are in a map of any tier. These maps that can be the same tier, one tier higher, or any tier lower than the one they’re currently running.

Players have a chance of a tier 5, tier 4, tier 3, tier 2, or tier 1 map dropping If they are playing a tier 4 map. However, the possible map drops only include maps that are connected in some way to the pathways players currently have access to on player’s Atlas.

If players beat the boss and clear the level a map gets added to the list of possible map drops.

Players shouldn’t worry about getting a bunch of copies of maps they’ve already cleared. They can sell three copies of a map to an NPC vendor in order to get a map that’s one tier higher. or if players can’t find a Marshes map, sell three Graveyards for one.

As players advance, bosses can drop maps that are two tiers higher. However, players need to have actually unlocked the tier in between the current map and the map that’s two tiers higher for this to be possible. There’s no skipping over maps!

It’s permanently added to the list of maps you can find if players have completed a map and killed the boss. Therefore, if players are running a tier four map, they can drop a different tier four map that they’ve completed, even though they aren’t connected. This is great for building up a map pool, howerevr, it doesn’t help players move forward on the Atlas.

Finally, bear in mind that PoE orbs is a prized possession which can take the player through many boss, smoothly.

How To Use The Raider’s Minor Skills and Notable Skills Of PoE

How To Use The Raider’s Minor Skills and Notable Skills Of PoE

In Path of Exile, the raider focuses on maintaining buffs, gaining Frenzy Charges, Onslaught, or Phasing through kills. She can specialize in one of these buffs to enhance its effect, greatly boosting her speed and evasion. Despite what the class icon shows, this class doesn’t have any modifiers specific to melee damage, so ranged attacks will receive those bonuses as well.

This class has the following minor passive skills:

Evasion, Onslaught Duration:

15% increased Evasion Rating

20% increased Onslaught Duration

Evasion, Frenzy Charge Duration:

15% increased Evasion Rating

18% increased Frenzy Charge Duration

Evasion, Movement Speed:

15% increased Evasion Rating

4% increased Movement Speed

The class has the following notable passive skills:

Rapid Assault:

Modifiers: 20% increased Attack Damage; Gain Onslaught for 3 seconds on Kill

Preceding passive: Evasion, Movement Speed

Avatar of the Chase:

Modifiers: 100% increased Onslaught Effect; 20% increased Attack Damage during Onslaught; 25% more chance to Evade Melee Attacks during Onslaught; 15% more chance to Evade Projectile Attacks during Onslaught

Prerequisite: Quartz Infusion

Preceding passive: Evasion, Movement Speed

Way of the Poacher:

Modifiers: 10% increased Attack Speed; 20% chance to gain a Frenzy Charge on Kill; 20% chance to gain a Frenzy Charge when you Hit a Rare or Unique Enemy

Preceding passive: Evasion, Frenzy Charge Duration

Avatar of the Slaughter:

Modifiers: 2% increased Movement Speed per Frenzy Charge; 3% increased Attack Speed per Frenzy Charge; 3% increased Attack Damage per Frenzy Charge; +1 to Maximum Frenzy Charges

Prerequisite: Way of the Poacher

Preceding passive: Evasion, Frenzy Charge Duration

Quartz Infusion:

Modifiers: 6% chance to Dodge Attacks; You have Phasing while at maximum Frenzy Charges; You have Phasing while you have Onslaught; Gain Phasing for 3 seconds on Kill

Preceding passive: Evasion, Attack Speed

Avatar of the Veil:

Modifiers: 40% increased Elemental Damage; 20% increased Movement Speed while Phasing; Immune to Elemental Status Ailments while Phasing; 10% chance to Dodge Spell Damage while Phasing

Prerequisite: Rapid Assault

Preceding passive: Evasion, Attack Speed

The raider is only one type of character classes, and there are a variety of interesting characters in Path of Exile. If you never tried this game, you can have a try. As with all expansions, this one will be completely free. Meanwhile, on Gm2v Gamer Online Store, you also can find some PoE Orbs that you need.

Path Of Exile: War For The Atlas Is Available Now On PC

Path Of Exile: War For The Atlas Is Available Now On PC

Recently, Grinding Gear Games announced that it has released a brand new expansion for its award-winning game, Path of Exile. War for the Atlas is available now on PC, and an Xbox One version launching later in December. War for the Atlas features 32 new randomized maps and Ten New Gems and so on. There are a host of new challenges and rewards to players.

War for the Atlas Features:

War for the Atlas: An ancient entity known as The Elder has challenged the Shaper’s control of the Atlas of Worlds. Explore maps ravaged by their conflict.

New Bosses: Along with deadly encounters at the end of each new map, this expansion introduces the four Elder Guardians, whom you must defeat before you are able to face the Elder himself.

The Atlas, Redrawn: Find your way to the centre of the Atlas through new paths and discover new challenges along the way. War for the Atlas adds 32 randomized maps to Path of Exile’s ever-evolving end-game.

New End-game Items: As the war between the Shaper and Elder rages, challenge their control of the Atlas to find exclusive new rare items that have special properties: Shaped Items and Elder Items.

Endless Character Customization: Find four new Skill Gems designed around necromancy, six new Support Gems and over fifty new Unique Items.

Abyss League: Coinciding with the launch of Path of Exile: War for the Atlas, they’re introducing the Abyss Challenge League. Fight ancient foes that spill forth from the cracks beneath your feet as you journey across Wraeclast, and claim valuable new Abyss Jewels to customise your characters and items in new ways.

Now Available in German, French and Spanish: This expansion also marks its official release in Europe, increasing the total number of supported languages to nine and adding Europe-specific payment methods.

War for the Atlas is available for free. So if you never tried this game before, you can try it boldly. And PoE Xbox One Orbs is important in Path of Exile. Orbs are what every exile needs in his backpack because these tiny round currency balls that can make you more powerful and effective in the game.

Paul Pogba’s Dab Celebration Will Be Included in FIFA 17

EA Sports chiefs have released a clip of France and Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba’s character performing the new celebration which has been added. Cheap fifa 17 coins is hot salling in this store.

EA Sports have revealed that ‘the Dab’ celebration will be included in FIFA 17.

Video game buffs have released footage of Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba’s character showing off the move in the latest preview video of the game.

Pogba was the most famous name to continually use the celebration throughout the 2015/16 season as it quickly became one of the hottest crazes around.

The celebration was also used in the Premier League by a host of stars last season.

Liverpool’s Nathaniel Clyne and Jordon Ibe performed it together, Everton’s Romelu Lukaku also used it, while Jesse Lingard of Manchester United was possibly the most frequent English user of the Dab.

The Dab is a hip-hop dance in which the dancer drops their head and rests it on one arm while raising the other arm simultaneously.

The celebration was popularised, of course, in American football. Carolina Panthers’ quarterback Cam Newton celebrated a touchdown and, when confronted by two Tennessee Titans opponents, continued the routine in front of them.

American athletes in other sports have followed suit. Basketball star Lebron James ‘dabbed’ during a pre-season game and baseball player Lorenzo Cain did likewise after a stolen base during Game 1 of baseball’s World Series.

FIFA 17 will be released to the public on September 19.

EA Sports have also recently given a sneak peek into what appears to be a new story mode.

It shows a fictional character, Alex Hunter, getting his big break with Manchester United and making his way in the Premier League.

The trailer revolves around Hunter’s life both on and off the pitch, showing cut-scenes of the player meeting managers, agents, looking at houses and in the dressing room before games.

Several characters reappear throughout the clip which whets the appetite ahead of the game’s release.

Both Messi And Ronaldo Had Been Upgraded in FIFA 17

With FIFA 17 set to drop in stores late September, we now reveal one of the biggest draw-dropping stats for the new release – the highest rated cards in the game. Gamers have been eager to get a sneak peak at FIFA 17 player ratings. We currently have some insight into the potential ratings for the top three players in FIFA 17. Buy fifa 17 coins and play the game.

We understand that Messi, Ronaldo and Luis Suarez will have the highest rated cards in the game. These are going to be the three players that everyone look at, with the inevitable debate about to happen again on if Ronaldo should have a higher rating than Messi for FIFA 17.

It’s worth pointing out that Messi’s contract with EA appears to have run out, which is why we see four new stars being promoted with the game launch – Rodriguez, Martial, Reus and Eden Hazard.

Will this have a bearing on his FIFA 17 rating though? According to YouTuber Fuji who has come up with these nice designs as well as rating, Messi will once again be 94 rated in FIFA 17.

Staying on the fence, we also see Ronaldo’s rating in FIFA 17 at 94 as well, which is a +1 upgrade from his FIFA 16 rating which we can definitely see happening.

The big one though is Luis Suarez who is undoubtedly going to get a massive upgrade after an amazing season with Barcelona. Suarez shipped with a 90 rating in FIFA 16, but in this prediction we see a 92 rating which would be nice if it happened.

Marcus Rashford Gets Rating Silver Card in FIFA 17

Manchester United’s biggest name in football, Marcus Rashford, has torn through the record books and is now one of the highly sought after young players in FIFA. As we could expect, FIFA 17 fans are largely excited about his inclusion in the game as well as utilizing him in Ultimate Team after a stellar breakout season at Old Trafford. FIFA 17 coins for sale and you can buy it now.

We got some insight into Rashford’s rating in FIFA 17 thanks to possible clues from early EA gameplay, and we also have a good indication as to what the real Marcus Rashford face in FIFA 17 could look like.

Rashford should have his official likeness into the game along with other players such as Martial who we already know, but also Memphis Depay as well who didn’t have an official face on FIFA 16.


The image you see above has been doing the rounds on Twitter and in YouTube videos and although it is not official as far as we’re aware, most of you will agree with us in saying that it looks amazing.

What is Rashford’s rating in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team? The good news though, is that ahead of the FIFA 17 release date in September it looks like we could have an indication on Manchester United star Marcus Rashford’s FIFA 17 rating thanks to the FIFA 17 demo.


It was available to play at E3 2016 and with some gameplay leaking recently, footage from that demo shows Rashford with a 73 rating.

That silver card would be a very nice starter and who knows, he could turn out to be the Vardy of FIFA 17 and earn himself multiple in-form cards from silver up to rare gold.