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Amazon.it leaks FIFA 16 release date

Amazon.it leaks FIFA 16 release date

Sometimes it’s hard to keep confidential information a secret. Especially when it’s about a highly anticipated game like FIFA. In this case the FIFA 16 release date in Europe is discussed, which is supposedly leaked by the Italian Amazon website.

The online retailer in Italy already added FIFA 16 to their assortment, even though the game hasn’t even been officially announced yet. On the product page they reveal the release date in Italy to be the 24th of September, which is consistent with the yearly cycle of FIFA release dates in Europe. Since the release in the UK always has been one day later, we can assume this to be the 25th of September. The sites also confirms a simultaneous release for the current-gen consoles: PS3 and Xbox 360.

Even though Amazon.it has a history of leaking release dates through their website, as of this moment, it’s still a rumour. Though the dates are consistent with our own analysis, saying we think FIFA 16 will be released on Friday the 25th of September. Other websites also start believing these dates are genuine. Should EA Sports indeed keep to their current pattern, we will be playing FIFA 16 as soon as the 25th of September!

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