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GKs need to be able to be sent off in FUT 16

Moreover, GK fouls need to be overhauled so that they’re ACTUALLY FUCKING CALLED. It blows my mind that this simple aspect of the game does not function. I just played a game where FIFA 16 coins got through a guy’s offside trap in the 4th minute, and he had already started rushing his goalie out when I was at the halfway line. I didn’t see him coming, so Courtois just rugby tackles me and gets away with it. WTF? Should be a red card and a free kick, but I got neither. I know people will argue that people will get pissed off because most don’t keep goalies on the bench, but why can’t they? Most people don’t use their subs at all, and it would increase the realism of the game to have to have a GK on the bench in case a rule of the sport was ACTUALLY implemented and used. I really hope this is fixed in 16.

I’ve always believed the reason they don’t get sent off online is because if a keeper gets sent off in kick-off it forces a pause in order to make team changes, and online each player only has 3 pauses. If a keeper gets sent off online it would just contradict the 3pause per game rule.

I agree it can and should be fixed,but so far EA has never done anything about it. There’s a way to fox it though, for example, if a keeper gets sent off it automatically subs on the keeper on a bench, as for which player gets subbed off (which is what the pausing is for in kick off) make it so it pauses the match but it takes you to a 10-15 second screen where you choose which player gets subbed off in order for the bench keeper to get subbed in. No rearranging the team, no quitting, etc. Remember this is just in the case that you have wasted all 3 pauses, so it is not unfair to have an extra pause (which is the purpose of the whole “no keeper sent off” rule).

BUUUUUT this is EA we are talking about so FUT16COIN doubt it will get fixed anytime soon.


FIFA 16 Suggestions

Here are a number of suggestions I have for FIFA 16. Post your suggestions below.

1. Finishing Touches – It would be great to see some small little things being added to improve the overall experience(FUT16coin). For example, flares thrown during EU matches, stewards separating bitter rivals, changing weather conditions, magic spray, these just to name a few.

2. Mutual Quit Option – If you’re in a really laggy match that isn’t fun for anyone, I think you should have the option for both people to quit and the match just doesn’t count.

3. Be A Referee Mode – This may be a long shot but would be great fun. It would work like the Be a Pro where you start as a Ref in the lower divisions and work your way up to the grandest stage.

4. Real Managers – This would be awesome to see Mourinho vs Wenger on the touchline, cheering their teams on, rather than the CPU-Generated managers. Imagine Mourinho’s famous knee-slide on FIFA.

5. Trial a Concept Squad – It would be good to be able to trial a concept squad in a non-competitive, non-profit match vs CPU. Saves buying a squad full of players and then realising it’s a load of rubbish.

6. Design your Ultimate Team – Instead of wearing a random kit from a random club, you should be able to have the option to create your own kit and badge.

7. Start From Scratch – In Career Mode you should be able to create your own team and start from the very bottom. Design your badge, kit stadium, everything in detail and see them rise through the divisions.

8. Pro Career Shake-up – This mode gets boring very quickly so should have more user interactivity like NBA. If you’re captain you should be able to suggest potential transfer targets to your manager and also suggest team-lineups.

9. FIFA Points and Coins РFirstly, FIFA Points should be cheaper (over £1 for a premium gold pack), secondly there should be a higher card-weight of better players (this would have prevented coin-selling in the first place) and finally make more ways you can achieve FIFA 16 coins throughout the whole of FIFA as well as through more tournaments with higher rewards and more coins per match.

10. Keep the price ranges – Trust me, they’ll work well in FUT 16, but they shouldn’t have brought them in half way through a broken game. It will stop card values soaring or falling and leaving you out of pocket.

11. Real-life banners and more crowd chants – More variety for each club, it would also be great if fans responded to chants of opposition fans.

12. A couple more leagues – I understand there’s issues with licensing but bring back the Brazilian league. Adding the Ukrainian, Chinese, Qatari would be great too to give a wider variety. And more licensed international teams would make national management more exciting with anthems, countries like Croatia, Nigeria, Ghana, Japan. They should also add the English conference leagues so career modes can last longer and there’s more progression.

13. Ability to listen to your own music in-game.

14. Be a Chairman – This could be the next major step for FIFA, a mode more like football manager where you are the chairman and control which managers you hire/fire, allocate transfer budgets, set ticket prices, increasing stadium capacity, control sponsors and finances. This would take a lot of work but would be awesome.

15. FIFA Lottery, Scratchcard, Roulette – I know this would never happen because it would make the game an 18 but isn’t there anyway they could make an extra mode for 18+. You could buy a scratchcard with player faces on and three of a player wins you that player. A roulette wheel with player faces on every other square. A weekly lottery where you buy a ticket and then watch the draw live to win FUT coins. I know I’m just dreaming but this would be incredible.

16. Playable Generations – Be able to play your ultimate team across many versions of the game in a separate mode, so all their stats would carry over into the new game.

17. Carry-over Career Modes – You should be given the option to carry on your old career mode into the new game whilst still utilising the new features.

18. More stats for players – Career stats for players, updated as you play in career mode and also records shown for leagues i.e. most goals in a season to try and beat.

Sorry this is a bit long. These are just suggestions, so some of them may be unrealistic but I think they’d make upcoming FIFA’s much more enjoyable for everyone.

Wish List for FIFA 16

I just had a couple of ideas for FIFA 16 that I’d like to add…

The first thing I’d like to see (and most important in my opinion) is a slider to adjust referee strictness. I understand that each referee has their own card/foul strictness, but I’d actually like to see more fouls called, cards shown and free kicks taken. I’m getting very few of any of these right now, which is a little unrealistic. I can go multiple games without any cards, which could never happen in real life. Also, I’ve never, ever gotten called for a handball (and yes, my options are set to “On”.

Second, I’d like the ability to use Game Face for my “create a player”, not just in “create a pro mode”. We can use Game Face in other EA games in regular “create a player” mode, so not sure why we can’t in FIFA.

Third, I’d like to be able to assign a “default” signature celebration to my created player.

I also REALLY wish there was a way to have the commentators say your name during game play. Perhaps some way of entering your name and having the software interpret it, giving you a playback of different options as to how it is pronounced, then you can select which one is correct. That would be awesome! Maybe even entering your name (spelled correctly) and then entering it phonetically. For instance, my last name is Lepree, so I would enter “Lepree” as my created player’s last name, but enter “Luh-PREE” as the “sounds like” field. Then I can play this back and tweak it until it sounds correct. Of course, these would probably also have to contain some type of profanity filter.

One last small thing, when creating a player, I only have the option of short sleeve or long sleeve jerseys. I’d like to see the option of a short sleeved shirt with a long sleeved, different colored shirt underneath. Many pros wear them this way, so it would add another touch of realism as well as more customization.

I do have to say that FIFA 15 has taken another step in the right direction. My favorite upgrade has been the way the AI reacts to game situations. When I’m ahead late in a game, the AI is noticeably more aggressive in trying to hustle and get the ball back. When I’m behind, the AI definitely milks the clock more and takes the ball into the corners. Much more realistic. Great job EA! Keep the advancements coming!

I’m sure lots of other faithful FIFA players have their own ideas or suggestions. Hopefully EA takes the time to listen to their customers!

FIFA 16 Rumored to Get a Story Mode?

Its no secret that EA are quite active in the development of the latest FIFA 16, as theyre constantly considering interesting new developments for the game, and it looks like they’re going to come out with something truly revolutionary this time. Of course, the game is still not quite perfect in every possible way, but its definitely getting there, according to rumors from behind the studios doors. And recently, weve been hearing certain rumors indicating that EA might be in the process of developing a story mode for the title.

These rumors started after certain job offers were posted on the careers website for EA Sports, looking for a Narrative Designer. According to the job description, the person who ends up getting the position will be responsible for creating captivating, memorable characters for the player to interact with, as well as plot moments that will truly challenge the way players approach the game and give them a good experience.

FIFA 16 has been in development for about a year and a half now, and from the looks of it, EA are trying very hard to ensure that the game meets the expectations of fans and even surpasses them. While we know very little about the actual title yet, fans have been speculating on it very actively, and there is a lot of excitement over the game in Internet communities.

Some fans have been claiming that EA should take a serious look at the balance of the game however, as apparently there are various outstanding issues in this area and the game should come with a revision of its player roster. The problem, according to those claims, is that some players are significantly underpowered compared to others, making them unattractive choices for gamers, and effectively limiting the pool of choices for a player. Of course, this is intentional in some cases, but according to those claims, its a concept taken a bit too far for some footballers.