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Wish List for FIFA 16

I just had a couple of ideas for FIFA 16 that I’d like to add…

The first thing I’d like to see (and most important in my opinion) is a slider to adjust referee strictness. I understand that each referee has their own card/foul strictness, but I’d actually like to see more fouls called, cards shown and free kicks taken. I’m getting very few of any of these right now, which is a little unrealistic. I can go multiple games without any cards, which could never happen in real life. Also, I’ve never, ever gotten called for a handball (and yes, my options are set to “On”.

Second, I’d like the ability to use Game Face for my “create a player”, not just in “create a pro mode”. We can use Game Face in other EA games in regular “create a player” mode, so not sure why we can’t in FIFA.

Third, I’d like to be able to assign a “default” signature celebration to my created player.

I also REALLY wish there was a way to have the commentators say your name during game play. Perhaps some way of entering your name and having the software interpret it, giving you a playback of different options as to how it is pronounced, then you can select which one is correct. That would be awesome! Maybe even entering your name (spelled correctly) and then entering it phonetically. For instance, my last name is Lepree, so I would enter “Lepree” as my created player’s last name, but enter “Luh-PREE” as the “sounds like” field. Then I can play this back and tweak it until it sounds correct. Of course, these would probably also have to contain some type of profanity filter.

One last small thing, when creating a player, I only have the option of short sleeve or long sleeve jerseys. I’d like to see the option of a short sleeved shirt with a long sleeved, different colored shirt underneath. Many pros wear them this way, so it would add another touch of realism as well as more customization.

I do have to say that FIFA 15 has taken another step in the right direction. My favorite upgrade has been the way the AI reacts to game situations. When I’m ahead late in a game, the AI is noticeably more aggressive in trying to hustle and get the ball back. When I’m behind, the AI definitely milks the clock more and takes the ball into the corners. Much more realistic. Great job EA! Keep the advancements coming!

I’m sure lots of other faithful FIFA players have their own ideas or suggestions. Hopefully EA takes the time to listen to their customers!