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FIFA 16: New Season Trailer

EA Sports has released a another trailer with the above opening lines for FIFA 16 on PS4, Xbox One, PC consoles. FIFA 16 is going to be launched on September 22. FIFA 16 is has been inculcated with tremendous features along with some new moves which is displayed in this new trailer.

Here in this video EA tries to give the glimpse of the adventure which will be felt by the world wide Fifa coins lovers. Video also displays the various goals with different moves and statics. Here video also showcase the women player hitting some goals.

And finally comes the cover boy Leonel Messi with his most wanted and recently added into the Fifa 16 Demo dribbling tactics which ultimately leads to GOAL. So Enjoy the video and stay connected for more updates.



FIFA 16, the newest edition of Electronic Arts’ association football series of games, is less than half a year from hitting shelves. The anticipation is killing some people so much that they’ve decided that now is about the right time to start spreading rumors about the game. These rumors came from South American gaming websites where Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer remains king thanks to its license to use Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana. If these rumors turn out to be true, then those two Cup tournaments will be the only ace in Konami’s sleeve this year.

Rumor #1: FIFA 16 Will Include The Champions And Europa League Tournaments

The Champions League license, along with the Europa League and UEFA Super Cup licenses, has a history of bouncing around between developers. The contract currently sits with Konami who have included the Cup tournaments in the company’s games since 2009. EA has yet to make an official announcement on this, which is not surprising because it’s something the company would probably prefer to announce at E3 anyway, nor has Konami made an announcement concerning a renewal of its license agreement with UEFA.

There are a few directions EA can move if it does regain the UEFA license. It could include the competitions in Career Mode, replacing the faux Champions and European Cup tournaments for the real thing. The company could also release a separate DLC and completely separate title specifically for the Cup tournaments as it did with UEFA Champions League 2006 – 2007.

Rumor #2: EA Will Release UEFA Euro 2016

EA has held the rights to UEFA’s international Cup competition since the turn of the century when the company released UEFA Euro 2000. That hasn’t changed as far as anyone knows, and EA could release a new UEFA Euro title as it has each year of the tournament since then. It’s a safe bet that EA will announce UEFA Euro 2016 at E3 next month and release the title weeks before the tournament starts on June 10 next year.

Rumor #3: NASL Will Be Included Along With MLS


U.S. football fans will get more for their dollar this year if this rumor turns out to be true. A Brazilian blogger claimed that representatives from football team Indy Eleven of the North American Soccer League (NASL) confirmed talks between the heads at EA and the NASL. The topic of discussion was the inclusion of lower division NASL in FIFA16 along with Major League Soccer.

The story, however, was later updated with statements attributed unnamed reps for the New York Cosmos also of the NASL. They claimed the team was not set to appear in FIFA16.

So which is it? We reached out to NASL Public Relations Director Neil Malone for clarification, but recieved no reply.

We, like all FIFA fans, will keep a close watch on this story through E3 while we wait for any official word.