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Tips On Playing SSF In PoE Incursion

In Path of Exile, are you looking for any special techniques or stuff that you should read up on before you dive head deep into SSF Incursion? You’ve come to the right place.

SSF forces you to play much much more efficiently than the trading leagues, because you can’t convert unneeded drops to things you actually need. To this end, I recommend:

Path of Exile

1. Make a goal (reach a certain level, kill a boss, complete challenges, etc) and work aggressively towards that, ignoring pretty much all else.

2. Get very comfortable changing your loot filter based on what you need. Keeping an eye on poe trade currency is not a bad thing for you.

3. Push yourself to play faster than your normal pace- less time managing stash, faster chaos recipeing, skip unnecessary map spawns (useless essences, poorly positioned breaches).

4. If you are playing HC, develop a “system” for encounters. Always play un-ID’d boxes this way, always re-roll maps with that mod, etc. if you make it a routine you have a smaller chance to RIP on map #648 this level because you zoned out for 10 seconds.

5. Make sure you read up on all the vendor recipes. Many of them are very valuable for SSF players.

6. You will need all the currency you can get, and then some. Pick stuff up. Not just rares: vendoring uniques is a nice extra source of both alchemy orbs and chance orbs (full set of uniques = 5 chance orbs), and the stone hammer recipe is essential in order to get a decent supply of chisels.

7. With that last recipe in mind: don’t ever vendor whetstones for scrolls, you’re going to need every single one you’ll find for chisels. Also pick up all trash maps so you can use them for the recipe as well.

8. You also want as many stash tabs as you can afford. You really can’t have too many when going SSF.

9. You can ignore all of this and bank on the chance that high clearspeed and efficiency is going to provide you with what you need. Personally, I wouldn’t count on it, though.