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Ultimate Team Price Ranges

Price Ranges proved hugely controversial when they were first introduced in Ultimate Team, and it’s clear that a lot of work still needs to be done in order for fans to be truly satisfied with their inclusion.

Firstly, EA has a monumental task of setting the prices of cards for a market that doesn’t yet exist. The whole reason the devs were able to assign values to every card in 15 is because they could see what it had sold for previously. Not so now. Better balancing must happen from launch, and with EA now controlling the market from day one, there could be more issues to come.

Players need to be more richly rewarded for their time online with better coin payouts for matches. The whole reason Price Ranges were introduced was to cut out illegal FUT 16 coins sellers, but players turn to coin sellers simply because the game doesn’t represent good value for money or time. When FUT bucks can cost more than the price of the game itself and reward but a handful of gold packs, and you get less than a Sunday League player’s pay following each match, it’s easy to see why players are dissatisfied. The reason why players stick with Call of Duty and Destiny is because of the steady trickle of rewards that tells our brains to be happy with what we get, even if it is just a new armour skin.

The Ultimate Team system shouldn’t feel like it forces players towards forking out more cash in order to get good cards, and this delicate balance needs to be achieved this year, finally. One way to do this would be with solo challenges in Ultimate Team for those lacking a quality team. Big coin payouts for completing these challenges would help fill player coffers to create a decent all-gold Ultimate Team.