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GKs need to be able to be sent off in FUT 16

Moreover, GK fouls need to be overhauled so that they’re ACTUALLY FUCKING CALLED. It blows my mind that this simple aspect of the game does not function. I just played a game where FIFA 16 coins got through a guy’s offside trap in the 4th minute, and he had already started rushing his goalie out when I was at the halfway line. I didn’t see him coming, so Courtois just rugby tackles me and gets away with it. WTF? Should be a red card and a free kick, but I got neither. I know people will argue that people will get pissed off because most don’t keep goalies on the bench, but why can’t they? Most people don’t use their subs at all, and it would increase the realism of the game to have to have a GK on the bench in case a rule of the sport was ACTUALLY implemented and used. I really hope this is fixed in 16.

I’ve always believed the reason they don’t get sent off online is because if a keeper gets sent off in kick-off it forces a pause in order to make team changes, and online each player only has 3 pauses. If a keeper gets sent off online it would just contradict the 3pause per game rule.

I agree it can and should be fixed,but so far EA has never done anything about it. There’s a way to fox it though, for example, if a keeper gets sent off it automatically subs on the keeper on a bench, as for which player gets subbed off (which is what the pausing is for in kick off) make it so it pauses the match but it takes you to a 10-15 second screen where you choose which player gets subbed off in order for the bench keeper to get subbed in. No rearranging the team, no quitting, etc. Remember this is just in the case that you have wasted all 3 pauses, so it is not unfair to have an extra pause (which is the purpose of the whole “no keeper sent off” rule).

BUUUUUT this is EA we are talking about so FUT16COIN doubt it will get fixed anytime soon.