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FIFA 16 Rumored to Get a Story Mode?

Its no secret that EA are quite active in the development of the latest FIFA 16, as theyre constantly considering interesting new developments for the game, and it looks like they’re going to come out with something truly revolutionary this time. Of course, the game is still not quite perfect in every possible way, but its definitely getting there, according to rumors from behind the studios doors. And recently, weve been hearing certain rumors indicating that EA might be in the process of developing a story mode for the title.

These rumors started after certain job offers were posted on the careers website for EA Sports, looking for a Narrative Designer. According to the job description, the person who ends up getting the position will be responsible for creating captivating, memorable characters for the player to interact with, as well as plot moments that will truly challenge the way players approach the game and give them a good experience.

FIFA 16 has been in development for about a year and a half now, and from the looks of it, EA are trying very hard to ensure that the game meets the expectations of fans and even surpasses them. While we know very little about the actual title yet, fans have been speculating on it very actively, and there is a lot of excitement over the game in Internet communities.

Some fans have been claiming that EA should take a serious look at the balance of the game however, as apparently there are various outstanding issues in this area and the game should come with a revision of its player roster. The problem, according to those claims, is that some players are significantly underpowered compared to others, making them unattractive choices for gamers, and effectively limiting the pool of choices for a player. Of course, this is intentional in some cases, but according to those claims, its a concept taken a bit too far for some footballers.