Month: May 2015

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FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Improvements – Packs

Regarding packs and transfer market, I would like to start by sharing some general thoughts about FIFA’s virtual economy to give you an impression about the possibilities.

I have no doubt that most people would love having better packs, but on the other hand, I have my doubts as to whether this is realistic.

At current, the average Return on Investment (ROI) on standard gold packs is around -60 % , meaning that for each 10 coins you spend on pack, you will lose 6. Why isn’t the ROI 100 %? Basically it’s pretty simple: If it was 100 %, everyone would be able to open packs indefinitely until they found the players they wanted. At the same time, the market would be flooded with even the rarest players, meaning that their prices would drop to ~0, which effectively would remove the incentive to buy packs with real money. On the other hand, there is an obvious limit to how low the ROI can get before people stop buying because it isn’t worthwhile anymore, players prefer to buy FIFA 16 Coins. Getting the average ROI right is a very delicate balance!

In conclusion, I doubt that we will see better packs in terms of higher ROI. What I would like to see are some of the more specialized packs such as “consumables only”, “Bundesliga only” and the like. The value of a pack does not come from the ROI alone but also from it’s degree of usability.

FIFA 16 New Ideas

I have been playing fifa for well over a decade now and I am still very much an avid player. I would just like to bring some ideas forward to what I believe would improve Fifa 16 as a new experience and not just another fifa game.

Game Modes


I honestly believe Ultimate team does not need to be touched, I think it will progress over the course of time and I really do believe EA need to take a step back in focus with this game mode. Don’t get me wrong It is a very addictive game mode and probably has a very nice source of income on EA’s behalf but having so much focus on this mode is killing the core foundation of fifa. Just give this game mode a nice design overhaul to freshen it up and keep it the way it is with the new price caps going into Fifa 16 and it should feel like a new mode. I would also like to see the return of the collection book to reward players with to buy FIFA 16 coins, the rewards you get from winning divisions and cups are pretty bad compared to the actually price of players and packs. I liked the idea of collecting players for teams to get rewards and It will force people into the silver/bronze markets more.


Before UT this was the game mode that in my opinion was the best out there. I still believe to this day that it can still be the best. It just needs a lot more love as the current system is outdated, adding different styles of free kicks/penalties/celebration was a nice touch but I still think like it needs more in terms of player customizing. Regarding the accomplishment process I dont mind how it Is now but I would prefer if we were able to spend the stat points ourselves in certain areas we would want to improve instead of getting +1 finishing etc. I dont think we need custom kits or anything like that, there is no need. If gameplay improves in general it will improve the game mode, player customization and improvement to the way we earn our stats is all this mode needs.

Career Mode

I can say I play through one career mode during the lifespan of a Fifa game, I probably get 3 – 5 seasons out of it, It becomes repetitive and sometimes unrealistic especially with the out of contract player transfers. Getting someone like Cavani for a championship team heading to the prem just does not happen. An overhaul of the transfer system and a bit more common sense when it comes to injuries and players joining certain clubs and this mode can still have an appeal.

However, to turn this mode into gold I believe this should of been done a while back. Online Career Mode! Imagine the possibilities playing a career mode with 3 of your friends in the premier league and battle for signings. Playing a football manager online game can be one of the most fun football gaming experiences you can have. Apply that to fifa and I think the game mode would be a smash hit. I really can’t believe this hasen’t been implemented yet, I believe it is on Madden? Just imagine fighting for relegation with your friends or fighting for europe or the league. This is a must have.


This is always a tough one, people always complain about this but I know how tough it is to balance everything to make the perfect football game. Last year headers and crosses were vastly overpowered and now this year in my opinion defensive AI is one step behind offensive manual controlled players. I think you need to look at Seasons gameplay and not Ultimate team. In my opinion UT is an arcade game mode and can’t be seen as football. You can’t complain about losing/winning or whatever in that mode because players stats are boosted beyond belief. Seasons is close, it’s just needs improvements regarding defensive AI and crossing/heading.

Fifa can be a frustrating game, over the years since It has become even more frustrating. Improve and add features I’ve talked about and I believe that adding more love to older game modes would help paper over those cracks of frustration. Lets be honest, you are always going to want to smash your controller if you lose. You should just make it more of an enjoyable experience while we think about smashing them.


FIFA 16 Must Reward Good Players

Player Bio

So with the new update, it is much harder to get profit from trading. I’m ok with this – this isn’t an economical game, it’s about who’s the best at playing actual fifa. So I think there should be a dramatic shift and emphasis on the players ability in the next fifa for this update to have any positive effect. Let’s be honest, there isn’t a big difference between winning the div1 & div3 title. So to vastly improve the experience here’s what I think the division rewards should be for next fifa:

Div 1 title: 50k + Rare gold player pack
Div 2 title: 25k + Premium Gold pack
Div 3 title: 10k + Gold Pack
Div 4 title: 9k
Div 5 title: 7k
Div 6 title: 5.5k
Div 7 title: 4.5k
Div 8 title: 3.8k
Div 9 title: 3.1k
Div 10 title: 2.5k

This will give players more incentive to play seasons and rewards for playing well. It’ll also give players who don’t want to spend money on fifa points to get a chance to earn packs. Tell me what you think

FIFA 16 Suggestions

Here are a number of suggestions I have for FIFA 16. Post your suggestions below.

1. Finishing Touches – It would be great to see some small little things being added to improve the overall experience(FUT16coin). For example, flares thrown during EU matches, stewards separating bitter rivals, changing weather conditions, magic spray, these just to name a few.

2. Mutual Quit Option – If you’re in a really laggy match that isn’t fun for anyone, I think you should have the option for both people to quit and the match just doesn’t count.

3. Be A Referee Mode – This may be a long shot but would be great fun. It would work like the Be a Pro where you start as a Ref in the lower divisions and work your way up to the grandest stage.

4. Real Managers – This would be awesome to see Mourinho vs Wenger on the touchline, cheering their teams on, rather than the CPU-Generated managers. Imagine Mourinho’s famous knee-slide on FIFA.

5. Trial a Concept Squad – It would be good to be able to trial a concept squad in a non-competitive, non-profit match vs CPU. Saves buying a squad full of players and then realising it’s a load of rubbish.

6. Design your Ultimate Team – Instead of wearing a random kit from a random club, you should be able to have the option to create your own kit and badge.

7. Start From Scratch – In Career Mode you should be able to create your own team and start from the very bottom. Design your badge, kit stadium, everything in detail and see them rise through the divisions.

8. Pro Career Shake-up – This mode gets boring very quickly so should have more user interactivity like NBA. If you’re captain you should be able to suggest potential transfer targets to your manager and also suggest team-lineups.

9. FIFA Points and Coins – Firstly, FIFA Points should be cheaper (over £1 for a premium gold pack), secondly there should be a higher card-weight of better players (this would have prevented coin-selling in the first place) and finally make more ways you can achieve FIFA 16 coins throughout the whole of FIFA as well as through more tournaments with higher rewards and more coins per match.

10. Keep the price ranges – Trust me, they’ll work well in FUT 16, but they shouldn’t have brought them in half way through a broken game. It will stop card values soaring or falling and leaving you out of pocket.

11. Real-life banners and more crowd chants – More variety for each club, it would also be great if fans responded to chants of opposition fans.

12. A couple more leagues – I understand there’s issues with licensing but bring back the Brazilian league. Adding the Ukrainian, Chinese, Qatari would be great too to give a wider variety. And more licensed international teams would make national management more exciting with anthems, countries like Croatia, Nigeria, Ghana, Japan. They should also add the English conference leagues so career modes can last longer and there’s more progression.

13. Ability to listen to your own music in-game.

14. Be a Chairman – This could be the next major step for FIFA, a mode more like football manager where you are the chairman and control which managers you hire/fire, allocate transfer budgets, set ticket prices, increasing stadium capacity, control sponsors and finances. This would take a lot of work but would be awesome.

15. FIFA Lottery, Scratchcard, Roulette – I know this would never happen because it would make the game an 18 but isn’t there anyway they could make an extra mode for 18+. You could buy a scratchcard with player faces on and three of a player wins you that player. A roulette wheel with player faces on every other square. A weekly lottery where you buy a ticket and then watch the draw live to win FUT coins. I know I’m just dreaming but this would be incredible.

16. Playable Generations – Be able to play your ultimate team across many versions of the game in a separate mode, so all their stats would carry over into the new game.

17. Carry-over Career Modes – You should be given the option to carry on your old career mode into the new game whilst still utilising the new features.

18. More stats for players – Career stats for players, updated as you play in career mode and also records shown for leagues i.e. most goals in a season to try and beat.

Sorry this is a bit long. These are just suggestions, so some of them may be unrealistic but I think they’d make upcoming FIFA’s much more enjoyable for everyone.

Wish List for FIFA 16

I just had a couple of ideas for FIFA 16 that I’d like to add…

The first thing I’d like to see (and most important in my opinion) is a slider to adjust referee strictness. I understand that each referee has their own card/foul strictness, but I’d actually like to see more fouls called, cards shown and free kicks taken. I’m getting very few of any of these right now, which is a little unrealistic. I can go multiple games without any cards, which could never happen in real life. Also, I’ve never, ever gotten called for a handball (and yes, my options are set to “On”.

Second, I’d like the ability to use Game Face for my “create a player”, not just in “create a pro mode”. We can use Game Face in other EA games in regular “create a player” mode, so not sure why we can’t in FIFA.

Third, I’d like to be able to assign a “default” signature celebration to my created player.

I also REALLY wish there was a way to have the commentators say your name during game play. Perhaps some way of entering your name and having the software interpret it, giving you a playback of different options as to how it is pronounced, then you can select which one is correct. That would be awesome! Maybe even entering your name (spelled correctly) and then entering it phonetically. For instance, my last name is Lepree, so I would enter “Lepree” as my created player’s last name, but enter “Luh-PREE” as the “sounds like” field. Then I can play this back and tweak it until it sounds correct. Of course, these would probably also have to contain some type of profanity filter.

One last small thing, when creating a player, I only have the option of short sleeve or long sleeve jerseys. I’d like to see the option of a short sleeved shirt with a long sleeved, different colored shirt underneath. Many pros wear them this way, so it would add another touch of realism as well as more customization.

I do have to say that FIFA 15 has taken another step in the right direction. My favorite upgrade has been the way the AI reacts to game situations. When I’m ahead late in a game, the AI is noticeably more aggressive in trying to hustle and get the ball back. When I’m behind, the AI definitely milks the clock more and takes the ball into the corners. Much more realistic. Great job EA! Keep the advancements coming!

I’m sure lots of other faithful FIFA players have their own ideas or suggestions. Hopefully EA takes the time to listen to their customers!